On Business Cards and Professional Firsts

I got a nice little surprise in the mail yesterday: my new business cards.

There’s a couple of reasons why I’m excited about these. First: they’re technically my first* business cards; second: I got to design them with whatever geekiness I wanted. So I did.

The front is from the cover of an old Soviet science fiction mag from the 1950s called Teknika Molodezhi. Believe it or not, the Russians were just as enamored with space and spaceships as the average Trekkie, and this fervor manifested itself in numerous magazines and a large science fiction readership (and in a couple of other ways as well). I’ve always loved the retro-future style of art, and I think it perfectly symbolizes the fantastic optimism of that era before space flight became an expensive, bureaucratic reality. Some of this kind of thing (including the image I used on my card) is on showcase at io9.com. The art style of the Fallout game series is another example, though as Fallout is somewhat of a parody of that retro-futurism, the optimism there is tempered by dark humor and apocalypse fever.

Still, I think I’ve got something in common with the optimistic Soviet nerds (besides an unhealthy mancrush on Karl Marx).

Oh, that beard!

At this early, early point in my freelance career, I feel like the sky’s the limit. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing stops being so damn much fun and starts being a headache and paperwork and soul-crushing monotony and the entire system just collapses. Hopefully that collapse will have less to do with youthful ignorance than with advanced dementia. There’s that optimism again.

*Ah. I say “technically” because I did actually have business cards at my old job – briefly. A new business partner had joined the company, and I got my first first business cards reflecting my new editor-ship under the partner’s banner. About a month after I got the cards, the new partner and my boss had a falling out, dissolved the partnership, and left me with 300 cards with my name on them under a company that I no longer worked for. If memory serves, I used exactly one card to try to win a free Jamba Juice. And I didn’t even win.


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  1. I like your blog. It does have bloggie things in it. Nicely done.

    also, your business cards are pretty rockin.

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