Canine Assistance Is Requested pt. II

It’s Thursday again. Bollocks!

Last week I mentioned that my wife and I love Shiba Inu. Indeed, we love these furry little nuisances so much that we frequently volunteer with the Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas, a nonprofit organization that pulls lost Shiba Inu out of animal shelters and finds them new, loving homes. This is a sometimes painful process, as dogs who have been given over to Animal Services are frequently plagued with health or behavioral problems.

In particular because Shibas can be difficult to train due to their intelligence and aforementioned “How About Go Fuck Yourself?” attitude, a lot of Shibas end up at the pound waiting to be put down. Apparently the half-life between “THIS PUPPY IS SO CUTE!” and “WHY WON’T THIS DOG LISTEN?!?” is between three and six months.

On the plus side (as far as this feature of this blog is concerned), my Thursday Dog Picture will have a revolving door of cuteness. See exhibit A, below.

Shiba Inu Dog This is Kona. Kona was left behind when his owners moved. He came to us with a bare bottom and horrible flea allergies. We got him cleaned up, and he just took off for his new permanent home.

Enjoy your Thursday.


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