From the Ashes

There comes a time when we must admit failure and start again.

When it comes to this blog, several factors came together to doom the previous incarnation, “Red Pen Mercenary.” For one thing, after several months of self-employment and true freelance lifestyle, I took a steady, high-paying job with a big company, as addressed in the entry on selling out. Although I still freelance frequently — almost constantly, in fact — it’s no longer accurate to document this as my struggle to make it as a freelance editor. Now, my freelancing is something I do because I love it and it pays a little extra somethin’ somethin’. This is nice, but it is not the apocalyptic struggle against evil that imagined when I started this blog.

For another thing, I quickly got out of the habit of writing everyday after my final Red Pen post about putting myself on an information diet. Although I was pretty successful in avoiding the worst of the 2012 election nonsense, I still didn’t have a whole lot else to write about. As a result, this blog sat stagnant for almost a year.

I’ve got a new look and a new title, along with a revamped about me page and new totally-sly way to beg for work. I no longer feel hamstrung by the somewhat restrictive premise of the old digs. I realized that my favorite Red Pen post, about my goddaughter, showed that I like being able to write about whatever I want. And boy, do I want to start blabbing my crap all over the internet again. I hunger for it, people. I’ve got opinions, but it’s just not the same unless I’m expounding on them at length so the world can see how right I am.

Well, I’m back. Like a flightless, opinionated reject from mythology. Aw, yeah.


Boom, baby.


One thought on “From the Ashes

  1. Ian, nothing wrong with re-entering the civilized world of honest labor. Hope it works out for you. If I hadn’t gotten so accustomed to living on a short fiscal leash I might consider it myself- oh wail, I’m too damned old. Nevermind.

    Rod P

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